About me

Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Kavak.com. I have completed my master’s degree in Data Science at ETH Zurich. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Telematics Engineering from Instituto Politecnico Nacional (IPN), Mexico.

I am interested in building safe and trustworthy AI systems with a special interest in natural language processing applications.

I also worked as a Data Scientist at OPI Analytics in Mexico City.



Website for LYLA dataset

I collaborated in the development of the website that presents the Lynching in Latin America (LYLA) dataset created by researchers of the Center for Security Studies in ETH Zurich

Fernando Gonzalez and Cristina Guzman

NLP Analysis of Legal Briefs

In this paper we predict the appeal outcome decision for legal briefs submitted to U.S. appellate courts.

Anver Khusainov, Clémence Lanfranchi, Fernando Gonzalez, Naman Goel, Dominik Stammbach, and Elliott Ash
Data Science Lab @ ETH Zurich 2021

The Best TIM: Human Motion Prediction

Given human motion sequences, we predict how the motion continues for future frames using a Temporal Inception Module (TIM).

Fernando Gonzalez, Cristina Guzman, and Zixin Shu
Final project, Machine Perception @ ETH Zurich 2021

Distraction Generation Using T5

In this paper we generate distract answers for multiple-choice questions given a reference text, question, and the correct answer. We fine tune a transformer (T5) on the distraction generation task with an additional term in the loss function to penalize distractors similar to the correct answer.

Fernando Gonzalez and Kevin Golan
Final project, Natural Language Procesing @ ETH Zurich 2020
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